The Faith of a Communist Poet

If you were not there, what would there be
If you were not there, this planet would still have
Gods and demons, slaves and chieftains
Virtuous ones and winebibbers, pathfinders and robbers
Brahmins, Sheikhs, Priests, Monks
All would have been there but for us
Who would have gladly mounted on the cross

— from “Ibn-e-Maryam”, Kaifi Azmi The Faith of a Communist Poet

Jyoti Sahi

Jyoti Sahi is the most important Catholic Christian artist alive today and has been called ‘the theologian with the brush’1. Jyoti Sahi

Amos Tiwade

It is said that you are what your gift is, however, I would say, your gift is what you are. As a uniquely gifted musician and singer what do you feel is your call in life? Amos Tiwade