Amos Tiwade

It is said that you are what your gift is, however, I would say, your gift is what you are. As a uniquely gifted musician and singer what do you feel is your call in life?

As a musician I believe one has a great responsibility as the audience in a concert sits with an open mind and heart and you can lead them wherever you want. Music has an ability to touch the heart and mind of a person. With the anointing on your music and life you can get a person closer to the Lord.

God’s investment in your life in nothing less than legendary especially with your grandfather and  father being great singers and musicians. With such a rich background what responsibility do you feel is yours to take music to the next level?

When the Lord gives us talent and ability, we are responsible to develop the talent. We have to take personal responsibility and work hard. It is very important to get a good guru and practice music, without which it would be very difficult to develop the talent.

Your recognition as an authentic Indian singer paired with a rare combination of Western music (Fusion) what do you desire to contribute to Indian music from a Christian perspective that is unique?

Music is God’s creation. Zep 3:17 speaks about our God singing. There is a lot of scope for redeeming Indian Classical music and to use it for worship. Moreover, Indian classical music is so rich in various aspects. Both the melody and rhythm in Indian classical music are highly developed and thought out. With proper learning, practice and creativity we can use Indian music for not only reaching out to friends of different faiths but also to worship the Lord in a more contextual manner.

Many Christian professional singers and musicians fall to the trap between profession and passion, performance and ministry. What have you to exhort to such?

Music can very well be one’s profession like any other profession. For example, a professor of literature is not expected to speak only about Bible as literature; they are also expected to give their opinion and analysis about kinds of literature. If you are a professional musician you need to be really good to be where you are. You need to know your field well. These musicians are a great asset to the body of Christ.

Stardom is a trap. How does one stay clear from losing focus?

A musician has a lot of responsibility to create new music every time he or she performs. It is not an easy job. However, there is a chance of losing the focus once you taste success. I believe, if we are closer to the Lord and look at our talent as a gift given by the Lord, it would be easy to stay humble and not lose focus.

What has been your experience being under many legendary Indian musicians and playing along many such?

I had an opportunity to learn from some great musicians and legendary artists. It has influenced my life and also the music I play. The knowledge, musicality, stage presence, creativity and humility of these artists and my gurus is something that has blessed my life immensely.

Amos Tiwade is a musician trained in Indian Classical music and a performer of Indian Classical Vocal, Ghazals, Songs and Fusion music. Also a Tabla player, studied from renowned Guru, Pandit Vijay Ghate. Loves the Lord and is a worshipper.

An interview by Sunny Joseph.

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